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Taylor Gang Elite

Taylor Gang Elite is a Clan created by a group of runescape pures. The Name Taylor Gang Elite was selected by a variety of people as we all love Taylor Gang making our clan tag: TGE. Our aim, to end up with a successful clan.
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Please make an application here! http://tgelite.forumotion.co.uk/f10-here-your-application-for-accepted-or-declined
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 Stuffed Ham Application Form For Making Sure My Rank Is Kept In Clan

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stuffed ham

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PostSubject: Stuffed Ham Application Form For Making Sure My Rank Is Kept In Clan   Sat Mar 19, 2011 4:48 pm

*How did you find out or hear about TGE?*

*What time zone are you in?* (Our timezone base is Canada/USA Eastern so many events are held Eastern time.)
Answer: American Eastern Timezone

*Pking Trips Often Last over 2 Hours, Are you willing to be there for the duration?
Answer: Yes

*If Under Any Pking Situation would it be acceptable to:
Teleport (In Multi or Single)?
Answer: No teleporting away from a fight is always wrong and is looked down upon in my mind.

*Pray In 1v1 Combat?
Answer: No i think pray is a crappy stat

*Pj or Tag another fair Fight in 1v1 Combat?
Answer: Pjing is very lame and it is for people who suck and have no life. i look down upon it because i am a good samaratin(even thought im not catholic) and i think that if u treat someone like you do not want to be treated you shouldnt do that to someone else. i luv to pk with ethic because i am a very nice,respectufl,and considerate young man who wants to grow up preaching these values to others.
*"One Item"?
Answer: One iteming is a cheap way to annoy people, and i am a good samaratin(as i said in the last response) and i would never want to waste my time.

*Attack Another Clanmate?
Answer: No never, friendly fire is not tolreated, as said in Call of Duty Story Mode.

*Post a screen shot of what you would wear and what you would bring for an official F2P pk trip*

*Have you read the rules? We will know if you have or haven't So READ:)*
Answer: I red everything i have to abide by, so i have.

*Have you added the following TGE ranks?*
1. Tge kidz Yes
2. Tge prideYes
3. i smell fartYes

*Finally, to get accepted into TGE you must attend 2 "Mandatory" events. (Screen shot of mandatory events you have attended)*

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PostSubject: Re: Stuffed Ham Application Form For Making Sure My Rank Is Kept In Clan   Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:56 am

DECLINED you din't read the rules read the rule again then, and post the right code
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Stuffed Ham Application Form For Making Sure My Rank Is Kept In Clan
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